4 Tips For Building A Tech Blog That Stands Out

4 Tips For Building A Tech Blog That Stands Out

2 January 2018
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If you want to stand out in the tech world, you need to have a really outstanding blog. There are a few things that you can do to make your blog stand out in the tech field. You need to find your niche, write with authority, allow your personality to show and link to other bloggers.

Find Your Niche

The first thing thing that you need to do is find your niche. The tech field is a very wide field, and if you want to have success as a tech blog, you need to target a particular niche or technical field. Trying to throw too big of a net and cover too much will dilute your blog. Figure out what areas of the tech filed you are passionate and knowledge about, and build your build your blog around that tech niche.

Write with Authority

Second, you need to make sure that you write with authority if you want your blog to be taken as an authority on your selected niche. When you write a tech blog, do not rush to publish it. Take your time to check your resources and make sure that all of your information is correct. It is better to spend additional time on research and reviewing your blog. Publishing a blog with inaccurate information will undermine your credibility and thus the future success of your blog.

Allow Your Personality to Show

A tech blog doesn't have to feel like a technical academic article. With blogs, people are looking for authoritative information but they are also trying to find voices that they enjoy reading. Your personality is what is going to turn one-time visitors into repeat readers.

Blogs are both an informational and a personal medium. Personality is what helps the best blogs shine and success. Adding in your unique voice may be just what your blog needs to turn into a success.

Link to Other Bloggers

Finally, remember that blogging is not about being on an island by yourself. Blogging is about connections. If you really want your blog to grow, read, comment and engage with other bloggers. Engaging with other bloggers can help new readers find your blogs.

Within your own blog posts, link to other bloggers for reference. Liking to other bloggers will add authority to your website and will help your search engine rankings. Lining to other bloggers will also increase the chances that someone will backlink to your blog, which will further help your blog show-up on searches.

To succeed in the tech influencer field as a blogger, you need to define you niche, write with authority and personality, and engage with other bloggers. 

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