The Best Way To Perform Background Checks On All New Hires

The Best Way To Perform Background Checks On All New Hires

2 January 2018
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Hiring new staff entails a lot more than just getting through a round of interviews successfully. Responsible business owners have to perform an adequate amount of vetting that includes contacting references, requesting letters of recommendation, and performing comprehensive background checks. One step that you can have all new hires compete is going through the ink fingerprinting process so that all national law enforcement databases can be checked. Fingerprinting is also necessary if your business contracts with federal agencies that require all assigned staff to have clean backgrounds.

Why Fingerprinting Is Needed During the Hiring Process

There are many different background check agencies that work with employers to ensure that new hires are of good moral and ethical character. If your company is one that requires staff to handle personal identifying information, you have to know that your workers are people who can be trusted. Having all new hires go through ink fingerprinting and then running a background check will fully protect your clients as well as your entire business operation. There are some types of information that can be uncovered with a standard pre-employment background check, but for full disclosure, you should have your new hires fingerprinted as well.

What Ink Fingerprinting Can Uncover

Some information, such as arrests, becomes public record the moment that it occurs. Also, realize that each state in the U.S. has an individual policy concerning making arrest and incarceration records public. In other words, a job applicant might neglect to tell you of a felony charge that occurred in a different state. If not for ink fingerprinting, this information might not be uncovered and you may end up hiring someone that you'd rather not have at your company. If you want to know whether or not your new hires have been charged with certain crimes or convicted of any type of criminal or civil charges, ink fingerprinting is a necessary step.

Before you bring a new staff member onto your payroll, find out what ink fingerprinting services can provide you with a full background check report. Any potential employee that you hire should have no problem providing fingerprints, otherwise, you can simply rescind the job offer. Performing detailed and comprehensive background checks on potential new hires is crucial if you desire to have a workplace that is free of drama and distrust. Once you get that background check report that gives you a detailed history of your new hire's criminal record you can get on with training your newest team member. To learn more, contact a company like Poway Livescan

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