4 Ways To Take Care Of The Rotor's On Your Golf Course

4 Ways To Take Care Of The Rotor's On Your Golf Course

5 January 2018
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If you have a sprinkler system on your golf course, you need to make sure that you take care of the rotors within your irrigation system. At least once a year, your rotors will need a little care and maintenance. Build some time into your schedule this spring for checking all the rotors within your golf course sprinkler system.

Check The Arc

The first thing you need to do is check the arc on all of the part-circle rotors. Turn on the system and watch the arch and make sure that it moves through the proper pattern. The arc pattern can easily get off-track if it gets hit by a golfer or another individual or animal on accident. If the arc is off, spend a few minutes adjusting it and getting it back on track. You need the arc to be on track in order for your grass to stay nice and green.

Check The Rotation

In addition to checking the arc of the water, you need to check the rotation as well. Make sure that each sprinkler rotates as it is supposed to. If it doesn't fully rotate, you are going to end up with dead patches of grass, which is the last thing you want on a golf course. If the sprinkler does not rotate properly, you may need to remove and replace both the rotor and the nozzle on the sprinkler head.

Check the Wear On the Nozzle

Next, check the condition of the nozzle. If the nozzle is worn down, it is not going to spray water as far as it should and will have a reduced radius. A worn out nozzle will also make the water come out in a rougher spray pattern; the water will not look as smooth as it should when it comes out of the sprinkle. Nozzles can be worn out over time and they can also get worn out when you use a gritty or dirty water source for your golf course. When you spot worn-out nozzles, note where they are located at so you can go back and replace them.

Check for A Cracked Case

It can be tough to see if the case is cracked directly, so you generally have to look for indirect signs that the case is cracked. Cracked cases happen the most often near pathways where golf carts may run over them. Cases can also get cracked when you fail to properly winterize your golf course sprinkler system.

You can generally spot a cracked case by looking for the build-up of water around the rotor. When the case is cracked, water builds up around the rotor. If the case is cracked, you are going to need to remove the rotor and replace the entire case. You may want to just replace the entire rotor system though to save on labor.

Make sure that you spend some time checking out each rotor and sprinkler head on your golf course. Preventative maintenance will help ensure that you don't end up with over or under watered areas on your golf course. Contact a company, like Turf Control, for more help.

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