Tips For Selling Your Used Jewelry

Tips For Selling Your Used Jewelry

8 January 2018
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You may be like many other people that have pieces of jewelry that are rarely used anymore. When these pieces of jewelry contain gold or other precious metals, you may be able to raise a considerable amount of money by selling these items. If you are currently looking at your options for selling gold jewelry, you should take the time to consider some key points before starting this process.

Decide Whether You Will Be Selling The Gold Jewelry For Scrap

While selling your jewelry for full value can be the best option, this may not be possible if you are needing to sell jewelry that has suffered extensive wear or other forms of damage. When this is the case, the best option for selling it may be for scrap. When you sell jewelry for scrap, the value of what you get back will largely be determined by the current market price of the precious metals that are contained within the jewelry.

Act Quickly Once You Have Been Given A Quote

Whether you are looking to sell the jewelry for scrap or for its full value, you will want to act quickly once you have been given a quote. This is due to the volatile nature of the price of gold and other precious metals. If you wait too long to take advantage of the service's offer, you could end up receiving less as the price of the metals in the jewelry may have decreased.

Consider The Fate Of Any Precious Stones

If you are looking to sell the jewelry for scrap, it should be noted that many of these services are unable to process the stones that may be contained in the jewelry. Due to the difficulties of recycling precious stones, you should decide whether you want to receive money for this part of the ring. If you do, it will be necessary to find a jewelry buyer that will accept these stones.

Insure Your Package If You Use A Mail-Based Jewelry Buyer

Using a mail-based jewelry buying service can be the most efficient and convenient option for getting rid of your pieces of jewelry. However, it is a fact that there will be a small chance that your package will be lost in the mail. While you may assume that there is nothing that can protect you from this risk, it is possible to ensure the packages that you send through the mail. This will allow you to file a claim for the value of the lost jewelry

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