Why Keeping Old Locks Is Asking For Trouble

Why Keeping Old Locks Is Asking For Trouble

9 January 2018
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Home owners and businesses are required to see to the safety of their property even as they rely on law enforcement to aid in keeping their surroundings safe. Even with community policing, you cannot leave the safety of your valuables to your neighbors and other community members.

That is why investing in new locks for your home is imperative. Sometimes, one needs an incentive to act upon such a requirement. Here are five top situations that give you the opportunity to call a residential or commercial locksmith to change your old locks:

  • When you have been burgled

  • When you are carrying out renovations

  • When your keys have been stolen or you have lost them

  • When you are changing living arrangements (getting or losing a roommate/divorce or separation)

  • When you are changing tenants in an office building

How Old Locks Make You Vulnerable

They Can Be Easily Compromised

Nothing cries change old locks like a break in. the points of entry for most burglars are the doors and windows. Having old locks makes it easy for thieves to invade your space because they are easy to manipulate and pick.

They Can Compromise Your Insurance Claim

Having old locks can compromise your insurance claim after a burglary if you have been broken into before and haven't changed the locks since. The insurance company may find that you did not apply due diligence to prevent a future break in despite knowing that your locks were old and ineffective.

They Can Rack Up the Cost of Renovation

Depending on the style of the locks, you may have to do more than just replace the locks. There may be need to consider new doors that can handle the new locks better and are sturdier.

Old locks also tend to use physical force to operate which can compromise the state of the doors over the years. Other factors like rust and jamming of the mechanism also make the door vulnerable. A rickety door will not be effective even with new locks, meaning you may have to invest in new doors.

They Can Compromise a Sale

Most potential buyers and renters like to know that they have bought a secure property that they can use immediately without incurring the cost of too many repairs. Old locks can cause your sale to go awry as they are among the first things the buyer will see and experience when opening the doors.

Locks, like most gadgets with moving components, experience wear and tear. The turning and twisting is felt over the years as the knobs fall off and the locks jam. Rust and tarnish are among the first signs of age on locks. Look out for signs of old age and change accordingly for your safety and peace of mind.

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