3 Pieces Of Model Home Furniture Every Staged Home Must Have

3 Pieces Of Model Home Furniture Every Staged Home Must Have

10 January 2018
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When a buyer walks into a home for the first time, they need to say what the home looks like as it is being lived in. However, if a house is a new structure or the current homeowners have already moved out, the prospects will basically be looking at an empty shell. This is one reason why home staging is such a big part of the real estate business. You want to provide prospective buyers with a view of what the home could look like once they move in. While you can leave a lot of the small furniture pieces out of the staging equation, there are a few pieces of model home furniture you do not want to forgo. 

Dining Room Table in the Dining Room

There's something drawing about a room where the family can gather to enjoy mealtime, so the dining room is usually one of the rooms in a home that buyers will want to see first. If the dining room is not outfitted with a table or dinette set, it can be hard to tack down exactly what the purpose of the room is in the eyes of a buyer. A dining table is a large enough furniture piece that it takes up a lot of visual space, but its presence alone gives significance to the room. 

Beds in the Bedrooms 

The bed is like the crown jewel of the bedroom. This is the focal point of most bedrooms and where most homeowners will spend their time if they do buy a house. Therefore, having a bed in all of the bedrooms in a house is highly important. Buyers will want to look at a space and be able to tell how much room they will have with a bed in place, where the bed should be placed, and how a good bed will look in the space. 

Sofa in the Living Room 

It is the gathering place while the family watches TV, it is the place you hit after a long day at work, and it is often where you cuddle with your significant other. The sofa is a hugely important, role-playing piece of furniture in the ordinary life. Therefore, having the living room outfitted with a stage sofa is incredibly valuable. Buyers entering a home for sale or a model home will be able to better envision what life will look like in the living room when there is a sofa in place. 

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