Women-Focused Charitable Elements To Partner Your Business With

Women-Focused Charitable Elements To Partner Your Business With

10 January 2018
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Owning and operating a business as a woman, and obtaining a women owned business certification, puts you in a position to make a difference in your community in a number of ways. One of the key ways that you can make a difference is by partnering with a charity. This is an approach that many businesses take, but when you're a woman-owned business, you can focus specifically on charitable causes that relate to women. Your partnership can take many forms — perhaps you make quarterly donations to one or more chosen charities, for example, which can be beneficial in raising your profile in the community and thus growing your business. Here are some women-focused charities with which you may wish to partner.

Women's Health

Partnering with a health-based charity is always a smart idea, given how many health issues affect a significant percentage of the population. There are a number of women-specific health issues that have charitable components, making logical choices for your charity partnership. For example, you might wish to partner with a breast cancer or ovarian cancer charity. There are other health-based charities that deal with issues that affect both genders, but that are especially significant for women. Osteoporosis, for example, affects both women and men, but is more common among women. As such, an osteoporosis charity may be suitable as a partner for your woman-owned business.

Spousal Abuse

Although spousal abuse technically can happen to both women and men, the abuse of women is more of an issue. Partnering with a charity that helps women who have been through spousal abuse can be valuable for any woman-owned business. For example, there may be a shelter in your community that provides temporary housing for women and their children who are fleeing their abusers. You can either make financial donations to this charity or launch a fundraising drive — perhaps collecting women's clothing and toiletries — that you can donate.

International Causes

There are many different international causes that relate to women — and many charities that specifically deal with these causes. Literacy for women is something that is an issue in many parts of the developing world, so you may wish to find an international charity that uses funds for literacy programs. Charities that dedicate themselves to improving women's rights in different parts of the world and eradicating human trafficking issues such as sex slavery are also worthwhile causes that may make logical partners for your business.

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