Homeowner's Introduction To Spray Foam Insulation Applications

Homeowner's Introduction To Spray Foam Insulation Applications

12 January 2018
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Whether you're building a new home or you're trying to upgrade the insulation in an existing structure, you need to choose the right insulation product. Especially in a situation where you're working with an existing structure, spray foam insulation may be the best way to go. Before you jump into just any kind of spray foam insulation, you should understand the basics of how it works. Here are several of the reasons why you should consider calling a local insulation company with spray foam trailers to help you with your insulation needs.

What Types Of Spray Foam Insulation Are There?

Spray foam insulation comes in two forms. You can opt for either open or closed cell foam. While the core makeup of the insulation is the same in both types, the final result when it cures is what's different. Closed cell foam insulation cures in a very dense state, where all of the foam cells bind tightly together. Open cell foam insulation, on the other hand, cures a little bit looser. It's fluffed up a bit more during the spray process, so the cells don't bind together as tightly as they do with a closed cell product.

How Do You Choose Which Type Of Spray Foam Insulation To Use?

If you're not sure what type of spray foam is right for your application, there's a fairly easy way to make the choice. Open cell spray foam is usually used in places where fiberglass insulation is commonly used. It cures into a more solid form than fiberglass insulation, offering you greater protection.

Closed cell spray foam is typically chosen for areas where you need more stability, structural integrity, and insulation than you'd get from a fiberglass product or even open cell foam insulation.

When you work with an insulation contractor who has a spray foam insulation trailer, they will have the mobile capability to provide you with the right type of insulation for each area of your home.

Can You Use Spray Foam Insulation In Unvented Spaces?

Spray foam insulation doesn't require ventilation in the insulated spaces. However, you should think carefully about whether you use open or closed cell insulation in those areas. If it's an area that's poorly vented and there's the risk of any kind of moisture in the area, you should avoid open cell foam. Open cell foam is more susceptible to moisture damage, so opt for closed cell foam instead to prevent any kind of deterioration due to condensation or other moisture in the space.

Do You Have To Cut Into The Walls To Add Spray Foam Insulation?

If you're thinking about what it's like to put insulation such as fiberglass in place, you know that you typically have to cut the walls open and then reconstruct them to do it. The good news is that with spray foam, you don't have to do this. At least, not to the same extent. Spray foam insulation is injected in cavities using a gun fitted with a needle. That means minimal structural disruption and follow-up repairs, which means cost savings for you.

Can You Use Spray Foam Insulation In Masonry Construction?

While spray foam insulation isn't as common for insulating masonry construction, it can be used. However, if you plan to fill gaps in masonry construction with a spray foam application, you'll want to opt for closed cell foam, not open cell material. The open cell foam is too vulnerable to moisture to be a practical application for any kind of masonry. In addition, you should ask about sealing the masonry against water penetration before you fill it with foam, and make sure that the masonry and the sealant are completely dry before you apply the foam. Otherwise, it may not cure properly, or it could end up deteriorating and developing mold due to the moisture in the space.

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