Three Ways To Save On Your Long-Distance Move

Three Ways To Save On Your Long-Distance Move

15 January 2018
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When moving across country, you may be concerned about the total cost of your move. Hiring a long-distance moving company can get your items safely delivered to your new home, and there are a few ways you can reduce the cost of moving so you can afford to have your items professionally transported. Here are a few options to consider when planning your move.

Consolidate Your Shipment

In some cases, moving companies may transport items for more than one customer at a time. If you and another customer are moving to the same general area, you may be able to consolidate your items by loading them onto the same truck. Ask your moving company if this is an option, but be aware that you may have to wait longer for your items to be delivered. By consolidating, your items may not be transported to your new home until the other customer's items are ready to move.

Ditch Large Furniture

If you are already thinking about replacing your furniture at some point, consider leaving your large furnishings behind and purchasing new items once you have moved. This can reduce the cost of moving your heavy sofas, recliners, and dressers. Because you were already planning on replacing these items, you won't be accruing any extra cost by purchasing new furnishings. Arrange to have the new items delivered to your new address a few days after your move to ensure your home will be ready for you and your family to begin unpacking.

Move In The Off-Season

Moving when the weather is nice can be convenient, but it also means that there will be other people who want to take advantage of the warm weather during their moves as well. If you can hold off on moving, consider delaying it until the fall or winter when demand for moving companies may not be as high. If you can bear to be without your items in your new home for a while, you can even place them into short-term storage and have the moving company load the truck from the storage unit. The movers can then transport your items at a date and time that works for you.

Of course, there are other smaller ways to save money on your move, such as packing your items yourself or getting used boxes from local retail stores. Determine what your moving budget is, get a quote from your long-distance movers, and then look for additional ways to cut costs.

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