Bad Back? Options To Help Your Back Feel Better While At Work

Bad Back? Options To Help Your Back Feel Better While At Work

19 January 2018
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Sitting all day in office chairs can be brutal on your back, especially if those office chairs do not conform to the human spine. If you find that your back really hurts after a few hours of sitting in the office, and getting up to stretch does not seem to help, it may be time to do something about it. Here are a few options that will make your back feel so much better.

The Orthopedic Office Chair

Yup, business supply stores now sell orthopedic office chairs. These chairs are produced by some of the same recognizable names in orthopedic mattresses, a guarantee that the chairs will conform to your back and support it properly. You can even buy various levels of support, from soft to extra firm. Test various firmness levels in these chairs before you make your selection.

The Ergonomic Office Chair

These are office chairs designed to place your body in perfect sitting alignment. They adjust to match the height of your desk, place your feet squarely on the floor, put your shoulders over your hips and your hips over your feet, and place your arms and hands at the perfect height for typing. Some padding is involved, but typically an ergonomic chair is designed to be so soothing to your posture that you do not really need padding.

The Balance Ball Chair

You have probably seen these chairs. A giant balance ball sits in a rolling chair base. There is no backing, as the chair relies on you learning how to sit straight and balance on the ball. It improves your posture through teaching you how to sit and strengthening your core at the same time. Best of all, if the balance ball is too small or too large, you can replace it with a different-sized balance ball to fit your own height.

The Massaging Office Chair

Who does not love a midday massage? Unfortunately, there is rarely enough time in your day to eat, let alone take an hour to get a massage. That problem is resolved with a massaging office chair. You can control the massage speed and locations via a remote that comes with this kind of chair. If you invest a little extra, you can buy a massaging chair that also has heat applications, something that can feel really good on a cold day or a day when your back is really sore.

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