Cutting Through Your Concrete Surfaces

Cutting Through Your Concrete Surfaces

15 July 2020
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A concrete surface can be strong and extremely durable. However, this can prove to be a challenge when you need to make changes to the building that will require the concrete to be cut. Learn more about the process from this question and answer guide.

Can Concrete Cutting Cause Structural Damage to the Pavement?

While concrete cutting can have sizable impacts on the concrete surface, individuals should appreciate that a professional concrete cutting service will be able to effectively cut through these surfaces without causing substantial damage to the surface. In practice, there will be limits to the amount of concrete that can be removed without causing it to substantially weaken. Due to this limit, a person should avoid completing one of these projects without professional guidance due to the risk of accidentally removing too much of the concrete and causing it to weaken.

How Long Does It Take for a Concrete Cutting Job to Be Completed?

Concrete cutting can seem like it is going to be a highly difficult and lengthy process. Yet, professional concrete cutters will have cutting tools that utilize diamond crusted blades, which can allow them to rapidly cut through concrete surfaces. As a result, the majority of these projects are likely to only require a few hours in order to be completed. This can minimize the disruptions to the project so that it can be completed according to your schedule.

Furthermore, you can avoid accidental mistakes that could cause damage to the concrete, which may delay the project by requiring repairs to be completed.

What Will Happen To The Debris From Concrete Cutting Work?

As part of the process of cutting through a concrete surface, a large amount of dust and debris can be created. The role that you will play in disposing of these materials will vary based on the size of the concrete section that was cut, whether rebar was present in the concrete, and the type of cutting technique used. For example, cutting a small section of the concrete using dustless methods will likely produce a small amount of debris that you may be able to handle on your own.

However, removing large sections of concrete can quickly lead to you being unable to effectively move it to a disposal facility. Appreciating that you may need to handle the disposal of the concrete on your own can help you when evaluating potential concrete cutting services as it will inform you whether you will need these services to handle the disposal of this debris as well as cutting it.

For more information on concrete cutting, contact a local concrete company.

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