3 Features To Look For When Buying New Calipers

3 Features To Look For When Buying New Calipers

16 October 2020
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Health and wellness are top concerns for many modern consumers. Companies that offer supervised nutrition and personal training services cater specifically to those consumers who want to improve their health over time.

These companies need a way to track a customer's progress, and calipers often provide this tracking ability. Look for the following features when investing in new calipers to ensure you can provide your customers with accurate body fat percentages in the future.

1. Choose A Durable Material

Since calipers are a calibrated tool, the measurements you provide for your customers can only be as accurate as your calipers will allow. Investing in calipers that are constructed from a durable material can ensure the reliability of your measuring tool over time.

Avoid metal calipers whenever possible. Metal has the potential to rust, which can compromise the accuracy of any body fat readings taken with corroded calipers. Choose calipers made from advanced polymers instead.

2. Listen For A Discernible Click

Calipers are designed to measure a customer's subcutaneous fat levels. In order to do so, you must pinch the skin between the measuring arms of the calipers.

If you pinch down too hard, you may cause your customer to experience some discomfort. If you don't pinch down hard enough, you can't produce an accurate measurement.

Some calipers are equipped with an audible clicking feature that lets you know when you have pinched hard enough to obtain a body fat measurement. Without this discernible click, it can be challenging to work with your calipers in a safe and effective manner.

3. Look For A Lightweight Model

You will need to manipulate your calipers in many different ways in order to obtain accurate body fat readings for your customers.

While a heavier caliper might seem more durable in the beginning, the weight of your calipers can quickly become a problem when you are measuring multiple clients throughout the course of a day.

Look for calipers that have a lightweight design. You should be able to use them in a standing, bent-over, kneeling, or sitting position with ease.

The lighter your calipers are, the easier it will be to manipulate the tool in order to provide your customers with the most accurate body fat percentage readings possible.

If you are in the market for new calipers, be sure that you are looking for a tool that will meet your ongoing needs. Calipers with a durable and lightweight design that have a discernible click will prove useful well into the future. For more information, contact a company such as Rosscraft Innovations.

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