Useful Tips To Remember When Utilizing Archival Framing To Protect Artwork

Useful Tips To Remember When Utilizing Archival Framing To Protect Artwork

13 April 2022
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If you have a valuable piece of art, one of the best ways you can protect it is through archival framing. This involves special framing materials that keep damage from happening. It can safeguard your artwork from a lot of things, especially if you follow these framing protocols.

Figure Out What Artwork Is Vulnerable To

In order to refine the archival framing materials and techniques used to preserve artwork for a long time, you need to first identify the things your art is vulnerable to. This can vary from artwork to artwork and is based on several factors, such as the materials of your art and how they were put together by the artist that worked with them. Assess these things carefully so that you can pinpoint specific vulnerabilities. For instance, if you have art that's sensitive to heat, then you need to choose heat-resistant framing materials that will keep damage from happening.

Consult With Framing Specialists

If you've never tried to preserve art before in your home, then you may miss important assessments and thus leave your art exposed to damaging conditions. That won't be as likely if you consult with framing specialists that know all about the artwork you're trying to safeguard. They can look at the art carefully and provide an unbiased recommendation for archival framing solutions that are going to work out for a long time. They can inspect your framing materials too after a period of time to make sure they're providing the right amount of protection.

Assess the Room Where Art Is Going

Another assessment you need to make when dealing with archival framing solutions is the room where your artwork is going. It will have particular attributes that you need to account for, such as temperature and humidity conditions. Once you pick out a location where the piece of art is going, give yourself plenty of time to review relevant properties that dictate what archival framing materials and techniques you should focus on. This is the best way to keep damage at bay and your artwork looking great for decades. 

Whether you have valuable art or historical pieces that are going up in your home, you want to protect them as best you can over the years. You can if you approach archival framing correctly from the very beginning. Assess the art that needs protection and make sure your archival framing solutions are geared towards its specific properties. 

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