Strategies That Get Temps Hired Permanently

Strategies That Get Temps Hired Permanently

22 November 2023
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Temping can be a great way to gain experience and earn money while searching for permanent employment. But if you've been temping for a while and are ready for something more permanent, facing a revolving door of temporary assignments can be frustrating. Fortunately, some strategies can increase your chances of getting hired permanently. 

Take Your Temporary Job Seriously

One of the most important things you can do to get hired permanently is to take your temporary job seriously. Even though your position may be temporary, treat it as a permanent role. Show up on time, dress appropriately, and be proactive in your work. When you take your job seriously, you'll be more likely to impress your boss and colleagues, and they'll be more likely to want to keep you on.

Be a Team Player

In addition to taking your job seriously, being a team player is essential. Getting hired permanently often depends on your ability to work well with others. Be friendly, helpful, and willing to go the extra mile. If you consistently demonstrate that you're a team player, your boss and colleagues will be more likely to view you as an asset and want to keep you around.

Communicate Your Desire for a Permanent Role

If you want a permanent position with the company, don't hesitate to communicate your desire for a permanent role to your supervisor. Many temporary positions are short-term assignments, and employers might not consider hiring temps for permanent positions without being prompted. Be open with your manager about your interest in transitioning to a permanent role, and ask about any opportunities that may be available.

Learn New Skills

One way to increase your chances of getting hired permanently is to learn new skills that are relevant to the job. Ask your supervisor if there are any additional tasks you can take on or training you can receive to enhance your abilities. When you show initiative in learning new skills, you demonstrate your commitment to the job and desire to be an asset to the company.

Network with Colleagues and Staffing Agency

Finally, networking can be a great way to increase your chances of getting hired permanently. Build relationships with your colleagues, supervisors, and the staffing agency that placed you in the temp role. Your colleagues and supervisor may be able to vouch for your work ethic and skills, while the staffing agency may have insights into permanent job openings.

Contact a staffing agency to learn more. 

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