Three Benefits Of Using Black Mailing Tubes For Your Business

Three Benefits Of Using Black Mailing Tubes For Your Business

3 January 2018
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Whether your company needs to ship blueprints, maps, or other large-format documents, mailing tubes provide a secure and durable option. These tubes come in an array of colors and designs, making it easy to customize your mailings. Black mailing tubes offer some surprising benefits you may not have considered before. Here are just some of the many benefits of using this type of tube for your business.

Easy Identification

Some companies use mailing tubes that are white or the color of c  raft paper, which can make their mailings hard to distinguish from those sent by competing companies. With black mailing tubes, you have a way to make your documents stand out. The bold hue calls attention to your shipments, which can in turn give them priority in the mail room and beyond. This also helps your mailings from becoming lost in large shipments of packages.

Branding Flexibility

Custom labels and other branding accents stand out on the black background, giving you a convenient option for customizing your mailings. Use clear labels with white printing to create a stark color contrast, or simply use white labels for easy visibility. Mail officials will be able to spot the white labels quickly, helping to ensure your items get delivered to the appropriate address. You can also use clear or white labels to create custom designs with your company's name and logo on them to spread brand awareness and let recipients know which company is sending the documents contained within.


With thick cardboard construction and a dark color, black mailing tubes offer a perfect solution for mailing sensitive documents. The contents can't be seen from the outside, so you can feel confident that the items you are sending will only be viewed by the person opening them. Be sure to choose tubes with secure caps on each end to keep the contents neatly inside during the shipping process, and opt for white tube covers to make it easier for your recipients to see where the tubes should be opened. Use black mailing tubes to send documents to customers and clients, or use them for inter-office memos that need to be kept confidential.

Consider having your black mailing tubes custom-printed with your company logo for an added personal touch, and look for tubes in a variety of sizes to match the document layouts for all of your company's most important correspondence. If you will be using the tubes for outbound mail, use the same color for all of your shipments, as this will eventually lead to customers and clients associating the black tubes with your company's mailings.

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