Four Benefits Of Silicon Anodes In Lithium Batteries

Four Benefits Of Silicon Anodes In Lithium Batteries

8 January 2018
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Batteries have been around for decades, and they have consistently been improved. Not long ago, lithium batteries were introduced for applications like computing and appliances. Now, lithium batteries have been improved even further with the addition of silicon anodes. If you buy a high-end computer or other battery-operated device, it will probably have this sort of battery. Here are four benefits that silicon anodes have on lithium batteries.

A Greater Capacity

Silicon anodes have allowed the capacity of lithium batteries to be increased greatly. You might remember having a laptop computer in the early 2000s with a battery life of only one to three hours. Now, computers can last five hours or longer. This is because of new anode materials, such as silicon. Lithium batteries with silicon anodes have a greater capacity than any other type of battery, so they hold a charge for a lot longer.

Longer Lifespan

Years ago, you would have to replace a battery quite often as with each charge, its capacity would be greatly diminished. Lithium batteries with silicon anodes do still lose charge over time, but this happens at a much slower rate. You can get many more years out of this type of battery without its charge capacity dropping off so precipitously. So even though the battery costs more upfront, you save money because you don't have to replace it that often. In fact, the electronic item you purchase will probably be obsolete by the time the battery wears out.

Lighter Weight

Silicon is a very lightweight material. Its inclusion in batteries has made them lighter than ever. There are other new materials that have contributed to this too, of course, but silicon anodes have been a major one. With these new batteries, you can pick up a computer or other electronic device more easily, making it easier to transport and utilize.


Silicon is also a very eco-friendly material compared to some of the materials used in battery anodes in the past. Everyone must do their part to reduce environmental impact, and by choosing batteries made with silicon, you are doing your part. Most of the manufacturers who place an emphasis on eco-friendliness have begun using silicon anodes.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of silicon anodes, reach out to an electronics business in your area. They can let you know what products carry this type of battery.  

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