Six Things That Can Make It Easier For A Company To Fill Warehouse Worker Job Openings

Six Things That Can Make It Easier For A Company To Fill Warehouse Worker Job Openings

20 May 2019
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Those managing warehouse operations often find that one of the biggest challenges is keeping the warehouse adequately staffed. Warehouse work is frequently labor intensive and large in scale. Also, those interested in warehouse positions are sometimes difficult to find out on the job market.

However, there are numerous things you can do to make it easier to find warehouse workers to meet your company's needs. The following are six things that can make it easier for a company that is hiring warehouse workers:

Encouraging existing employees to provide you with word-of-mouth referrals

Those interested in warehouse work or experienced with such work are often likely to know other people with similar skill sets or work expectations. Therefore, it's a good idea to set up a referral program to track down new employees.

Give existing employees a bonus if they can bring in other workers to fill additional job openings.

Offering an on-site training program for new hires

The job of filling your job openings is going to be much more difficult if you're expecting workers to already be trained. If you can offer your own on-site training program, you can attract unskilled workers who are eager to learn new skills.

New workers will appreciate the training opportunity. At the same time you'll have a larger pool of potential workers if you hire unskilled than if you're only hiring skilled workers.

Working with a staffing service

Staffing services can handle your hiring for you while you focus on other tasks. Some staffing services specialize in or at least have extensive experience in hiring warehouse workers. They also have extensive networks in place for advertising job openings for the companies they work with. 

Offering competitive pay and/or benefits

The better the pay and benefits you're offering are, the more attracted prospective employees are going to be toward working with your company.

If you're struggling to fill warehouse positions you might want to consider raising the pay or featuring special benefits like employee discounts or health benefits where possible. 

Giving new hires the ability to flexibly schedule work hours

A lot of warehouse operations go on around the clock. If this is the case with your warehouse, you should consider offering flexibility to new employees for setting their own schedules. Often, warehouse workers are in school or are juggling other jobs, so they may really appreciate this advantage.

Streamline the application process

If applying for your job openings is time consuming or frustrating, a lot of prospective applicants are going to give up before they've even applied. Make your application as simple as possible and you'll probably find a lot more applicants coming in. 

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