Power Washing: Why You Need It

Power Washing: Why You Need It

30 May 2019
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Power washing is a great way to clean a stubborn area where dirt, grime, and other damages have happened on a relatively soft surface. Power washing is the method of using high streams of hot or cold water in a thin jet stream to blast away particles and debris. You have likely seen this practice done by professionals on businesses, roofs, parking lots, sidewalks, and even windows.

Both businesses and residential homes take advantage of power washing companies on the regular, using these services to make their properties more beautiful and to add curb appeal. Do you need power or pressure washing services? You likely do but don't realize it just yet. Use this guide to help you determine if you need power washing services in your business.

You have stains on your sidewalks or parking lot

Your parking lot or sidewalks may have stains on them that are hard to get rid of yourself. You will notice stains from vehicles, such as oil or antifreeze, or other vehicle liquids, taking over the parking spaces and leaving behind dark and oily spots that don't come up. You may also notice, on sidewalks especially, that there are lots of bubblegum residue, soda and other drink stains, and other spots on the concrete or asphalt that you've tried to hose off but to no avail.

You need power washing services to remove this grime and residue. The high-powered water will not harm the surfaces or leave a residue behind, but the high blast of the water will cause the residue to break away or be lifted up. You can use this service several times to remove the parking lot and sidewalk grime over time.

You have stains or graffiti on your building

Does your building have a lot of graffiti or stains on the outside? This is not only offensive to you on a personal level because it makes your building look neglected and not cared for; the stains and other damages can give your business horrible curb appeal. You don't have to paint over this damage, you can have power washing done instead. Power washing will help to restore your business's exterior so it has a better luster that is luxurious and gives you the curb appeal you desire.

Your power and pressure washing specialist will put you on a cleaning schedule that works best for your budget and needs. You can have this service done on an automated schedule or only when you call for assistance.

For more information, reach out to a power washing specialist.

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