5 Features That Make A Display Cooler More Attractive To Customers

5 Features That Make A Display Cooler More Attractive To Customers

27 August 2019
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Display coolers are ideal for storing refrigerated and frozen foods in a grocery or convenience store because the tight-sealing doors prevent the loss of valuable cold air. They're also highly attractive to customers, but only if you pick the right model. Some commercial display coolers offer these five advanced features that are attractive to busy customers trying to grab their favorite foods and drinks in a hurry.

Multiple Doors

No one wants to stand in line just to grab a cold drink or a carton of ice cream. By choosing display coolers with multiple doors and stocking the same products on all three sets of shelves, you create opportunities for everyone to get what they want much quicker. With continuous shelving and no internal dividers, customers can also reach across to a different section without opening the next door for fast access. You'll also save on energy by reducing the amount of air that escapes each time a customer opens one of the doors.

LED Lighting

Customers want to spot their desired products quickly rather than scanning shelf after shelf. Bright and color-preserving LED lighting is now a standard feature in most display coolers for this reason. LED display coolers can be set to only light up when the customer opens the door or to run constantly since these lights use far less energy than their fluorescent and incandescent counterparts. Your customers will also appreciate the even temperatures due to the lack of heat released by the lighting, resulting in less frost accumulation and other quality issues with frozen and refrigerated foods.

Gravity Feed Racks

No one wants to reset cooler shelves every hour of the day, but customers are also likely to skip a purchase if they can't spot the products they want because they're at the back of a shelf. Self-resetting gravity feed racks are great for display coolers used to store drinks, snacks, and even cases of beer. Rollers on the racks move a product to the front of the shelf as soon as one is removed, ensuring the customers can always see what they're looking for until it's truly out of stock. Your employees will also appreciate being freed up to handle more important tasks than shelf resetting.

Adjustable Shelving

Display coolers are so versatile that they make great seasonal and sale displays. With large glass doors, they're eye-catching and can be positioned near registers and entrances to trigger impulse buys. However, fixed shelving can make it hard to change up what you're displaying in the cooler on a regular basis. Units that feature adjustable shelving are much more useful in a busy convenience store setting where rapid changes are often needed to increase customer spending. Unless you're buying a cooler for a specific purpose that is unlikely to change over the next few years, stick with models offering adjustable shelving so you can repurpose the refrigerator space as much as necessary with changing trends and tastes.

Heated Glass

Tired of your customers having to open the cooler doors just to see if their products are in a certain display? This is often caused by thick condensation or frost accumulation on the inside of the glass that obscures their view. The obscured doors can also cause problems with resetting and stocking if your employees can't easily spot when a shelf is getting empty. While adjusting your thermostat and lowering store humidity levels can help, these efforts are often not sufficient to completely stop the problem. Look for heated glass doors on display coolers to avoid the condensation altogether. Heating the glass reduces the temperature difference that leads to condensation, leaving your doors perfectly clear throughout the year.

Contact a retailer that sells three-door commercial display coolers for more information.

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