4 Ideas For Corporate Gift-Giving (All Chocolate!)

4 Ideas For Corporate Gift-Giving (All Chocolate!)

27 August 2020
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Corporate gifts are a good idea in general, and chocolate is an excellent go-to. Almost everybody loves and appreciates chocolate! However, if you give out the same gift every time, it can seem more performative than thoughtful. Here are some ways to focus down and personalize the gifts you're giving, in order to make it clear that you do have their tastes and interests in mind.

Wine Lovers

If your intended recipient is a wine lover, try looking for a chocolate box that is a good match for wine tastings. Ideally you want to look for something that has a variety of chocolates, but also offers multiple of the same types, so that they can be savored together in a party situation. A selection of truffles, perhaps? With a little bit of research, or perhaps your own personal knowledge, you could even send a personal note indicating which types of wines you think might go with which chocolates. It's just a little bit of effort, but it will definitely send the message that you are thinking of them.

The Health Conscious

If you are looking for gifts for someone who is extremely conscious of their health, you want to look for some extremely dark chocolate. Healthline.com talks about the many potential health benefits of dark chocolate, and suggests that you stick with dark chocolate that's at least 70% cocoa, but you may want to aim higher, in the 80-90% range. Instead of sending a large selection, send a small selection of very high quality, very high cocoa content bars.

The Adventurous

If you know someone who loves traveling to exotic locales and trying new and exciting types of food, try to find a selection of chocolates that suits that! A gift basket of chocolates grown exotic locations might be just the right thing, especially since travel is currently very restricted. Or you may want to look for some more unusual chocolates to give. Spicy chocolates, chocolates paired with exotic fruits and flavorings, things like that.

The Sharing Types

There are some people who just have to share everything, even a gift that they received. If you are intending to send a gift to someone like that, think ahead. Make sure that when you send them their present, it contains mostly individually wrapped items, making sharing that much easier. It may not seem like a lot, but a small demonstration of how well you know someone can really give your gift a lot of impact.

To learn more about corporate chocolate gifts, contact a company near you.

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