Give Your Students The Tools They Need: Why You Need To Invest In Remote Typewell Transcription

Give Your Students The Tools They Need: Why You Need To Invest In Remote Typewell Transcription

9 November 2020
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If you run a charter school, you want to make sure that your students have every chance for success. That includes providing them with access to all the necessary tools. One tool that you might not have thought about is a remote transcription service. This tool is especially important during distance education, such as is prevalent right now. Children who are hard of hearing or who are on the spectrum can find this tool especially beneficial. With a tool like remote TypeWell transcription, the spoken word can be transcribed into typed words, which can then be displayed on any electronic streaming device. Here are just four of the ways your students will benefit from remote transcription. 

Follow Conversations Easier

If you have students who are hard-of-hearing or are on the spectrum, they may not be able to follow along with spoken conversations, especially those that are streaming across electronic devices. Unfortunately, it can lead to frustration and anxiety. It can also interfere with your student's ability to grasp concepts that are being taught. That's where a remote transcription service becomes beneficial. With a remote transcription service, the transcribed text can be displayed in the conversation box. This allows your students to follow along with the lesson. 

Avoid Handwritten Notes

If some of your students have difficulty taking notes or they fall behind when taking notes from spoken lessons, a remote transcription service can help. Teachers often speak faster than students can process the spoken word. Unfortunately, that delay can cause serious problems during note-taking. With speech-to-text transcription services, your students can take notes from the text as it scrolls across the screen. This service ensures that all of your students have the ability to take notes during remote lessons. 

Reduce Eye Strain

If you have students who are visually impaired, remote learning can be difficult, especially where eye strain is concerned. Even with some types of text capabilities, the letters can be too small for visually impaired students to read. Remote transcription services offer the ability to increase the size of the text, which makes it easier for visually impaired students to read the transcribed speech. 

Ensure Text Pause

Finally, if you have students who need to have lessons repeated to them, they need the ability to pause the lesson. Unfortunately, that's not always an option, especially with ordinary text streams. That's where remote transcription services, like TypeWell, come into the picture. With remote transcription services, your students can pause the text as often as they need.

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