How To Get A Business Featured In The Local News

How To Get A Business Featured In The Local News

1 February 2021
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Local news can be a great opportunity for new businesses to get featured, which is like a form of marketing. In order to improve your company's odds of getting a spot in the local news for positive promotion, remember these tips.

Be Different

Companies that are all the same have a very hard time standing out and subsequently getting featured by the local news. You need to change your business scheme around if it has a similar model to your competitors. The best way to be noticed by the local news is by doing things differently.

It could be how you reach customers, how much you charge, or the services you provide. You just want your company to be so unique in how it operates that it's hard for your local news to not notice you. Then, you'll get on their radar, and that can lead to a TV spot that you can use for effective marketing and promotion.

Try Making Connections

Sometimes getting a local news spot is all about who you know. For example, some companies have an in with someone that works at the news station, and that can lead to more meaningful connections and interview opportunities. 

You want to try to make connections with those involved in your local news, whether it's with the camera crew, producers, or actual reporters. Don't be afraid to open your company up to these parties because it can really pay off. 

Stay Involved in Social Media

There are many ways you can reach out to the local news, but one of the easiest and surprisingly most impactful is social media. Every major news station in your area will be on the major social media platforms because it helps them reach out to their audience.

You can utilize these platforms to stay in touch with local news stations. You can direct message them to see if they have any open spots in segments they're doing for business promotion. If you stay active and are unique, social media can be an easy way to reach out to news stations and get meaningful interviews. 

Receiving publicity is key in whatever type of business you run. Local news gives you an opportunity to build brand awareness and let people in the area know your company exists. If you have a strategy in place when attempting to get noticed by local news stations, your attempts and time won't be wasted. 

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