Choosing A Custom Headstone For The Gravesite Of A Loved One

Choosing A Custom Headstone For The Gravesite Of A Loved One

6 May 2021
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The gravestone or marker for any gravesite should be something to honor the person that has passed away. Often, the marker is there more for those who survived that person there, but choosing custom engraved headstones to mark these places can be an excellent way to honor the descendant's life after they are gone. 

Headstones and Markers

When you bury someone that has passed on, marking the grave is often done so that friends and family have a place to come and honor the memory of the person buried there. Laser engraving on stone has advanced to the point that custom engraved headstones can carry a picture of the person or a complete scene that tells the world a little about your loved one. 

Some customer engraved headstones have complete scenes of a hunter in the woods, a farmer on a farm, a soldier in uniform, or an angler casting bait out on the clear, calm lake. The things that you can put on the headstone can really represent your loved one in many ways. 

Some companies specialize in custom engraved headstones that have near photo-quality images of the person on the monument. They can take the picture you give them, and with a computer program and a laser, reproduce that image in the stone so it will be there forever. 

Working with the engraver to get the image or scene right is essential, so finding a local business is the best place to start. You might want to ask at the funeral home or the cemetery, as these are the people who would be familiar with where to find custom engraved headstones in your area. 

Cost Of Engraving

The cost of custom engraved headstones is not cheap, but the engraver can go over the layout and design to determine the marker's final price. Often the intricacy of the design will increase the cost, so you may need to choose a small image or something that represents your loved one but with less detail or maybe smaller on the stone if you are on a tight budget. 

Often these complex markers take time to create, and usually, they will not be placed on the gravesite for some time after the services. This is often the case if the design is extensive and detailed, but taking the time to ensure the stone is perfect is essential. While a gravesite marker can be placed anytime after a service, changing the marker several times is often cost-prohibitive so getting it right the first time is critical.

For more information, contact a local company that offers these services, like Memorial  Art Monument.

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