4 Tips for Setting up Your Storage Unit for Easy Access

4 Tips for Setting up Your Storage Unit for Easy Access

20 July 2021
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If you want to rent a storage unit and are planning to put items in it that you access regularly, you will need to set your storage unit up more functionally. Below are a few tips to help you create a functioning storage unit.

Use the Same Size Box

Stick to the same size box for most of your items in your storage unit. Using the same size box for most of the items will help make it easier for you to stack and move the boxes around. A medium-size box is usually about the right size for most of your items. You can easily stack them up and move them around as needed.

Label Everything in Detail

You should consider labeling all of your boxes in detail. You will want to put the name of the room that the items came from on one side of the box. On another side of the box, list the contents of everything inside of it. On a different side of the box, you will want to put a number representing which box it is, more information on that is listed below.

With well-labeled boxes, you will be able to find your stuff more easily. For example, you can put boxes that came from the same room next to each other so that when you are looking for something for your kitchen, you can head to the area of your storage unit where all of your kitchen boxes are set up.

Create a Detailed Inventory List

Take all of that effective labeling and use that to create a detailed inventory list. You will want to create a spreadsheet that lists the box number, the room the box came from, and the contents of the box. This will make it easy for you to know what is in your storage unit and where to find it.

For example, if you want to get out your pink winter jacket, you can refer to your inventory list and know that it is in a box labeled "Bedroom" with the number "10" on it.

Create a Floorplan

Consider creating a floor plan for your storage unit. On your floorplan, you will want to list the areas where different boxes for different rooms are located. For example, if all of your bedroom boxes are in the back left corner, you can head straight to that corner and look for the box labeled 10 to find your pink winter jacket.

You are going to want to create an organized floorplan that makes it easy to access your items. Be sure to include small aisles so that you can navigate and move around inside of your unit.

When it comes to making your storage unit easy to access, use the same size boxes, label everything in detail, create a detailed inventory list, and make a floorplan for all of your stuff. Keep these tips in mind when renting a self-storage unit.

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